• Modern Design
    3 years warranty*
    Quality Materials & European Manufactured
    Security tagging systems shouldn't distract from the
    premium look of your store. Our range of MTC
    systems can be tailored to your needs.
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  • Metal Detection
    Detect Booster Bags - Foil Lined Bags
    MTC metal detection systems can be added to
    complement an existing system. Our antennas can also be
    supplied with integrated metal detection.
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  • Footfall - Customer Counting
    Integrated or Standalone
    Customer counting devices can be integrated into
    your security tagging system, or installed as a
    standalone system.
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    Professional CCTV
    CCTV you can rely on
    From simple to complex integrated systems, Virtek
    can provide a professional CCTV system to exceed
    your requirements.
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  • Access Control
    Standalone or complex multi door systems
    From single door to complex multi door systems,
    Virtek can provide you with a system tailored to
    your needs.
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  • What else is included?
    remote maintenance and support
    All of our advanced systems have optional access
    to the internet. This enables us to remotely monitor
    and diagnose any given symptom, issue or problem.
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